a topic that pertains to correctional psychology

pick a topic that pertains to correctional psychology that is consistent with your interests. Consider whether you would like to focus on forensic psychology research/program evaluation or understanding the clinical work. Use this Discussion as an opportunity to explore the topic you have selected, and share this with others. When you select a post to reply to, select one that has information about a topic that interests you but that you did not report on so that you can learn from others’ posts.
To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review your Learning Resources for this week. Choose one of the following that correlates to the topic you selected under Learning Resources:
    • Assessment and Treatment of Offenders
    • Offenders With Mental Health Problems
    • Offender Program Evaluation
    • Ethical Issues in Correctional Settings for (choose one): Researchers/ Program Evaluators or Clinicians

Post by Day 3 a 2- to 4-paragraph response to the following:

  • Summarize the reading that you selected.
  • Based on your reading, identify one or more issues that you have identified within the correctional systems.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the forensic psychology professional within the topic that you have selected?

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