Airport Design and Planning jobs returns millions of results.

An Internet search for Airport Design and Planning jobs returns millions of results. Explore some of the following websites and see what opportunities await you. Throughout this course, your modules have referred to airport planners and designers. Someday, you may be one of these designers. This assignment has two parts.
Part 1 – Airport Planning and Design Jobs
For Part 1 of this activity, you will prepare a minimum of a 2-page paper (not including the reference page) on a business that conducts airport design, planning, or civil engineering for air cargo operations. Use the following job search engines:
Indeed (Links to an external site.)
Glassdoor (Links to an external site.)
CareerBuilder (Links to an external site.)
Prepare a document which includes the following:
A short history of the company.
An evaluation of the different areas of the airside and landside portions of the airport in which the company is generally involved.
A summary of one airport project the company has underway or has recently completed.
Your opinion of this company, adding personal comments on whether you would be interested in this line of work after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Cite all sources in the current APA format.
Part 2 – Air Cargo Analysis
For Part 2 of this activity, list the seven facility requirements for air cargo at an airport. Select any three facility requirements (hint: make sure to watch the video resources in Activity 5.1) and identify how the size and configuration requirements for the Louisville Kentucky UPS Worldport differ from local airport air cargo operations.
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