An Analysis of the New York Child Health Plus Program

1. An Analysis of the New York Child Health Plus Program.
This paper will cover the  New York Medical Insurance Plan for Children . The study will cover the plan itself and discuss its policies for the State of New York and the children that it will be supporting. By realizing the ramifications of this plan, we can begin to understand the welfare elements of the program and how it impacts the population on New York. Also, the debates on government sponsorship of the program will be discussed alongside the objectives of voluntary services that would support the program. The aim of this study will be to understand the many facets of how medical care in the State of New York will be received, along with the main angles of the Medical Program and it’s implementation.
2. An Article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – Terminology Assessed by Etymology: Depression and St. John’s Wort, 2002.
When I had to do my essay on healthcare I decided to do my essay this essay as an analysis of an article in a medical journal concerning St. John’s Wart and depression. This paper discusses the linguistic development used in the medical article and is a critical assessment of the etymology of the medical terminology. The structure of the medical research experiment is also critiqued.
3. An Essay of Apology to the Board of Nursing.
This undergraduate paper is an essay of apology to a board of nursing for stealing company time and an explanation of the ethical decision-making process used to make the decisions involved in this case.
4. An Examination of the Integrated Clinical Judgment Model of Hospice Care.
This paper examines and addresses the integrated clinical judgment model of hospice care. This model shall provide a detailed examination of the aspects of this clinical model that distinguish it from other models of hospice care, with an emphasis on the aspects of this model that are most highly recommended when utilizing the hospice model. The strengths and the weaknesses of this model are also discussed.
5. An Introduction to Bulimia and Depression.
This paper is written about bulimia and depression. Often eating disorders stem from depression or the eating disorder causes depression. Often it is difficult to know which is causing which. Research has focused on both of them learning that treatment for depression is important in helping with bulimia.
6. Analysis of Interview.
This paper is an analysis of an interview with a health care worker, a nurse. The purpose of the interview was to discover whether the recent health care reforms impacted on a particular nurse.
7. Analysis of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Website.
Using the format presented in Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet-Policy Paper presented by Mitretek Systems, this paper examines the overall validity and usefulness of the Ortho Tri-Cyclen website. It examines the site based on the seven criteria described within the article.
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