Annotated Bibliography: 

Annotated Bibliography:
We did Paragraph 1: Summary of Annotated Bibliography. Now, we need to do Paragraph 2: Evaluate the sources. I uploaded the prompt with details for this. I also uploaded feedbacks from my peers. And for the final draft, please refer to the instructions at the prompt and feedbacks and modify any corrections if you have any.

  • Do you have a title that shows the main topic of the annotated bibliography?
  • Do you have 6 sources, three of which are reports?
  • For each source, do you have two paragraphs, one summarizing (follow the format in the prompt) and the other evaluating? A total of 350 words per source?
  • Are you following APA rules for the citation?
  • Did you put your sources in alphabetical order (last name of the author/s)?

– Progress Report Memo:
I uploaded the prompt for this.

– Writing to Reflect:
in 100-150 words, reflect on the ratings that you’ve received on your comments for the last few peer reviews in Eli Review. Describe your ratings. Are you satisfied by the ratings? Do you see a change in your ratings from the first three peer reviews? Where do you need to focus on to improve your ratings for the next peer reviews?
– Critically analyzing reports
POST: Upload a sample report (it’s okay to upload one you have already uploaded on discussion boards) and analyze it critically. Where do you notice the writer/s making efforts to circumvent an issue, or using specialized words to promote one view on the topic, or not providing all the information needed on an issue? Write about your findings in a 100-150 word post to your peers.

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