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DAC Leadership Tasks Discussion

Bus 160 ~ Chapters 12 & 13 1 CONFLICT & NEGOTIATION CHAPTER 11 CONFLICT & NEGOTIATION  Conflict: process where one party perceives to be (or potentially to be) negatively affected about something important, by someone else.  Functional Conflict: constructive & healthy dispute.  Negotiation: process where something of value to one party is […]

DAC Case Analysis Worksheet

1 CH. 14 ~ CULTURE Bus 160 Organizational Culture 2   The norms & values that dictate people’s behavior in the organization, for dominant & sub- culture The “unwritten rules” of acceptable behavior Origins  Top Management Characteristics & selection (people)  Structure & Communication Channels (property rights)  Ethical Behavior (Chapter 22)  […]

Business Hypothesis Testing Technique Paper-Strayer University

research articles on hypothesis testing and its application in business. Select one company or organization which utilized a hypothesis testing technique for its business process (for example, whether providing flexible work hours improve employee productivity.) Give your opinion as to whether the utilization of such a technique improved business process for the selected company or […]

Cause Marketing Campaign Questions-Strayer University

Cause Marketing What is cause marketing Watch the video on cause related marketing and answer the following questions specific to YOUR MILLION DOLLAR IDEA from week six. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/marketing-for-social-change/what-is-cause-marketing?u=57878161 Question one Let’s create a cause marketing campaign for your million-dollar idea from week six. First, determine the specific cause that you plan to support and explain why/how […]

Project Management Six Sigma Concept Paper-Wayne State University

Discuss the following points regarding Six Sigma concept: Discuss personal experience in regard to quality improvement programs and how they are project like in application such as DMAIC. If you have no experience, you should gain some from friends or work colleagues or—as a last resort—news articles. If news reports are used, references and in-text […]

Good versus Bad Leadership Discussion

In your initial post: Think back of all supervisors you have had in the past : (1) Identify the traits of bad bosses you had and how they affected employees (you don’t have to limit your response to the subordinates). (2) Similarly, identify the traits of good bosses and how they affected employees. You can […]

CTC Foundational Values and Leadership Principles Discussion

BE Discussion 4 Reply 1 The foundational values and leadership principles that drives the organizations ethical and corporate outlook defines the coined phrase Tone at the Top. It influences the corporate culture which withholds the ethical commitment organization has towards the surrounding environment. These surrounding include employees, suppliers, third party vendors and other business relations. […]

Economy Growth & Corruption Discussions-Central Texas College

BE Discussion 5 Reply 1 “Power doesn’t corrupt people, People corrupt power”- William Gaddis. In a democratic country like ours the ratio of social impacts to the economy of a state is directly proportional to each other which means that economy growth can’t occur with such crisis going around the country. (Maria Amin, 2013) Any […]

BUS 499 – Business Administration Discussion-Strayer University

BUS 499 – Business Admin Please respond to the following: Why do firms experience evolutionary cycles in which there is a fit between strategy and structure, punctuated with periods in which strategy and structure are reshaped? Provide examples of global firms that have experienced this pattern. Choose a CEO of a prominent firm that you […]

Business Discussion-Lawrence Technological University

Law enforcement professionals and investigators use digital forensic methods to solve crimes every day. Locate one current news article that explains how investigators may have used these techniques to solve a crime. Explain the crime that was solved and the methods used to determine how the crime was committed. Some examples of crimes solved may […]