Barack Obama – 44th President of the USA


This is one question – You may answer it in an essay, bullet points, or any other written form that conveys your answer. You should read over the directions completely before starting. There are three parts to this question: Pick a product. This product can be real or imaginary. It can be a form of entertainment/experience, a service, or any tangible item available for sale. It can be real or imaginary. Just one. Example: Nike Basketball Shoes for Women (product) Disneyland (experience) Wonder Woman 1984 (film) Fluff and Fold Laundry (service) Pick a celebrity. It can be an influencer, an actor, a politician. Tell me who they are. If it isn’t obvious, tell me where I can find more info. Example: Barack Obama – 44th President of the USA (would need no explanation) David Chang – Chef ( website: or Wikipedia) 3. If you worked for or owned the product (#1) and wanted to use the celebrity (#2) to promote that product….. How would you do it? Walking me through your thinking process on what your “marketing plan” would look like. What story do YOU want to be told? Who do you want to influence? How can you make the world of Entertainment yours?

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