Biological Criminality And New Criminal Thought

Week 9 Worksheet

Biological Criminality and New Criminal Thought

  1. In Willrich’s article, he uses a quote from a chief justice from the Municipal Court of Chicago. This sums up the belief of eugenics. How does this belief in Eugenics different than what we studied in the classical period (Think John Locke and Beccaria).
  2. Willrich argues that eugenics led to a reform in the criminal justice system that he calls “eugenic jurisprudence.” Explain what this is and what institutions he points to as a symptom of this eugenic jurisprudence.
  3. If you had to explain Lombroso to someone who does not study crime (or who had not taken this class) what would you say to them? (Give at least 3 points).

4. Give three (3) examples that Lombroso cites as the reasons for the increased homicide (crime) rate in the United States. How does his racial and ethnic prejudices shape his beliefs?

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