For this commentary, select one of the following MBNQA core concepts. Explain the concept in your own words. As in last week’s discussion board task, this effort will demand some creativity, as the temptation to copy the description from the source is strong. Nevertheless, until one is able to express an idea correctly using alternative phraseology from the original source, one has yet to understand the idea.
Next, identify an example of the selected concept from your own experience as part of a team or organization. Try to explain how the experience that you have recounted qualifies as an example of the identified concept. The experience that you cite may exemplify either a success or a failure in applying the concept. The point is to address the concept adequately, in either context.
As in last week’s task, the aim of this exercise is to motivate careful thought into the facets of the MBNQA. More than one perspective is available in answer to each concept. Be creative in your self-expression, but formal, as mandated by the rhetorical expectations of this course.
#1. Leadership: How does leadership in the MBNQA differ from common leadership theory?

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