Cassandra Moore XL Organizational Communication

Time for Part 3 of our Field Project!
The first thing I need you to do is think about the organization you are looking at as a system or a part of a system (using our systems theory lecture).
· How do the organization’s members receive and send information?
· If you ask them, “How are things around here?” what do they say? Does Karl Weick’s “retrospective sense-making” help you understand their answers?
Second, who’s in charge? Yes, we know what the titles of each person are, but are they really in charge?
· How do you know who is really in charge?  Is it their communication style, their style, their attitude? Is there no leader at all, or is there more than one leader?
· Is leadership shared in your organization?
Third, what about power?
· Is power in the organization linked to one’s academics, their gender, their age, their reputation, or something else?
· Are there heroes and/or heroines in the organization? Are there stories about the organization that people readily know, and if so, what do these stories tell you about the organization?
As before, please keep this entire section under 1,000 words, with at least 150 words per bullet point topic (above). Oh, and don’t use bullet points when covering each of these points in your paper: Make it more professional than that.

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