CVS Pharmacy.

For this course project, you should pretend you are consultants hired by the organization to conduct this audit. This HR audit will include two parts:

  1. Assessment of the components of at least two HR functions at the target organization. HR functions should be selected from those that we discuss in the course, e.g., HR Strategy; Recruitment and Selection; Retention; Employee Engagement; Succession Planning; Diversity and Inclusion; Equal Opportunity; Organizational Climate; Performance Management; Compensation; Benefits; Employee/Labor Relations; Employee Safety, Health and Wellness; Organizational Training and Development; or Management of Global Workforce;
  2. Identification of opportunities (Proposed Action Plan) for the organization to improve its Strategic Human Resource Management in the functional areas you selected for audit.

A group paper, e.g., consultant’s report, will be due the last day of class (Week 10). At a minimum, this paper is to include an overview of their consultancy engagement, e.g., what HR practices they were hired to audit; a summary of the process used to review the target HR functions; findings of their review, including areas of deficiency; identification of effective practices in the respective functional areas (using references to cite sources of these practices); and proposed action steps. This paper should not be more than 10 double-spaced pages, not including references.

Company Chosen: CVS Pharmacy

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