Effect of retrieval cues vs free recall on remembering lists of words

1.1 Identify an appropriate theme and title for a research project. 1.2 Develop and justify a research hypothesis using relevant literature. 2.1 Evaluate the use of different research methods to test a hypothesis. 2.2 Evaluate the use of different research designs to test a hypothesis. 2.3 Identify appropriate sampling methods, independent and dependent variables and controls to test a hypothesis. 3.1 Identify the ethical principles that apply to the chosen research project. 3.2 Explain how to conduct the chosen research project to be compliant with the ethical guidelines. 4.1 Justify and apply appropriate procedures to collect data for the research project. 4.2 Analyse data appropriately using basic descriptive and/ or inferential statistical analyses. 5.1 Select an appropriate method to present the research data. 5.2 Interpret and evaluate the results of the research project. 6.1 Apply standard formats to report the research project, including: a) the structure of the project report. b) citations and reference lists. c) appendices (if appropriate).

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