Essay On Labor Unions And Internal Employee Relations

Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining 
Learning Objectives
·  Explore the role of labor unions.
·  Describe the basic union structure and organized      labor’s strategies for a stronger movement.
·  Discuss laws affecting collective bargaining.
·  Summarize the formation of bargaining units and the collective bargaining process.
·  Describe the grievance procedure in a union environment.
·  Explain union decertification.
Internal Employee Relations.
Learning Objectives
·  Explain the concept of employment at will.
·  Describe the concept of discipline and summarize disciplinary action.
·  Discuss employment termination of various occupational groups.
·  Explain the use of ombudspersons and alternative dispute resolution.
·  Describe transfers, promotions, resignations, and retirements as factors involved in internal employee relations.
1. Define employment at will. Are there legal exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine? How can employers protect themselves from wrongful discharge lawsuits? Discuss
2. What is collective bargaining? What is involved in the collective bargaining process?
–  essay form (narrative form) no Bullet points should not to be used
–  at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing
–  2 outside scholarly or professional source related to human resource management.
–  APA formatting and citation should be used.
–  Textbook : Title: Human Resource Management  , ISBN: 9780134739724 Authors: Martocchio Publisher: Pearson Edition: 15TH 19

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