EVSP330 D001 Summer 2021

This week we wrap up the course with a look at international conservation approaches and an overview of where the future lies for fish and wildlife management.  It has been a great semester — we have examined, in-depth, the policies, programs, and issues that direct (and have directed) the fish and wildlife management techniques of today.  We have examined how policy is made in the U.S., and how the political climate influences how we do business.  It may not be “warm and fuzzy,” but political realities are key to each of you being successful in your careers. You cannot change how things work by simply going out there and doing it your way! Building partnerships, making relationships, and collaborating with other agencies, agricultural interests, environmental organizations, the public, and industry are critical to getting sound natural resources work done on the ground.

Share your work! Attach your Powerpoint presentation to this document using the “Add Attachment” button below. Explain to the class what you worked on, how it went, any interesting research finds, and the relevance of this topic to your degree path. How could you further expand your research or what else could you tie in from class?

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