Family Studies

Family Studies


Please answer the following questions. Your answers are to be typed in this document and explained in complete sentences. Please do not remove the questions and cite references that you use. There are five questions worth five points each. Total: 25 points

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Question 1 (5 pts)

There are various factors that predict marital success. Identify and discuss the relationship factors that predict marital success.

Question 2 (5 pts)

Define the terms motherhood and fatherhood. Compare and contrast the roles of motherhood and fatherhood.

Question 3 (5 pts)

Some spouses switch places or reverse their roles. Theses households have a wage-earning mother and a stay at home father. Discuss the five areas affected when fathers are at home and mothers are breadwinners.

Question 4 (5 pts)

There are various models of family violence which explain why violence occurs in some families. Discuss two models of family violence presented in the textbook. Critique each theory and include your personal opinion of each.

Question 5 (5 pts)

Some marriages end in divorce and divorce is caused by various factors. Discuss one societal factor, one demographic factor, one life course factor, and one family process factor that can cause divorce.


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