Fish And Wildlife Policies, Programs, And Issues

The final plan should be free of grammatical and typographical errors and scientifically sound. For the final plan, you must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the selected species, its habitat requirements, natural history and ecology. Then using what you have learned in this course, develop your own comprehensive management plan that will bring the population of the select species back from the brink of threatened or endangered status. You must clearly identify the factors or threats affecting your species of choice, link the management actions you propose to the threats the species faces, explain your methods of management, offer support as to why you chose the methods you did, and explain how you will monitor the implementation of your proposed plan to measure its success. Cite all of your sources you correctly in APA format within the text and at the end of your plan. The plan must be at least 2250 words (excluding title page and reference section) and contain ≥ 10 citations, ≥ 5 from peer-reviewed journal articles.

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