Flask-shaped bottle with decoration of peonies

Choose one pair from the two pairs of objects or architectural structures posted below. Once you selected a pair, identify the name, dates, and location of the objects/architectural structures and write a short essay (300-400 words) on the similarities and differences between the two. Some of the elements that you might wish to discuss include: subject matters, styles, materials, scale, purpose, as well as social, political, or historical context. You may refer to other objects/architectural structures as examples if they help you make a persuasive point.
In your essay, make sure to compare and contrast the similarities and differences. Listing bulleted points for each object/architectural structure will NOT be considered as a compare-and-contrast essay.
If you refer to an outside source, please clearly indicate your source. If it is a quote, make sure to place it in quotation marks. I will accept any formats of citation for Compare and Contrast responses (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or informal citations as long as it is clear).
Pair 1
A picture containing indoor, wall, plant, vessel Description automatically generated
Object 1: Gourd-Shaped Ewer (Links to an external site.) , early 12th century, stoneware with incised and carved design of geese, waterbirds, and reeds under celadon glaze © 2000-2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A picture containing indoor, plant, ceramic ware, painted Description automatically generated
Object 2:
Flask-shaped bottle with decoration of peonies (Links to an external site.) , late 15th century, Buncheong ware with incised and sgraffito design © 2000-2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pair 2
Object 1
A picture containing text, painting Description automatically generated
Dong Qichang, Autumnal Landscape, with detail, hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Object 2
A picture containing text, painting Description automatically generated
Zhao Mengfu, Autumn colors on the Qiao and Hua mountains, section and detail, 1296, handscroll, ink and color on paper, 28.4 x 93.2 cm © National Palace Museum, Taibei

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