Group 2: Week 2 Online Activity – Henderson

The early conceptualizations of nursing by Weidenbach, Henderson, and Hall (Chapters 4, 5, and 6) give a unique twist to the evolution of nursing theory.

For the initial post students will be assigned one theorist. Post the response to an unassigned theorist.

Group 2: 

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  • Locate one media clip or weblink related to one of the theorists that helps understand how the theory was implemented in practice to improve outcomes
  • Describe one (1) concept from the assigned theory that changed the evolution of nursing theory and research in the 21 first century

Activity Criteria:

Students must include the following criteria for each individual activity:

  1. One initial posting by Thursday at 11:59 PM/EST.

o  Include one scholarly peer-reviewed reference for the initial posting

  1. Minimum of one response to other students by Sunday at 11:59 PM /EST.

o  Include one scholarly peer-reviewed reference for response postings

  1. All posts need to be on two separate days.
  2. The textbook assigned to the course may be used in addition to the required references for posting for this class.

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