Homework #6 – EVSP330 – Fish And Wildlife Policies, Programs, And Issues

Question 1. Describe the purpose and requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. Then, list the basic components of an Environmental Impact Statement. You may refer to the following website  http://www.epa.gov/oecaerth/basics/nepa.html . (25 points) Be sure to cite the sources used to develop your answer.


Question 2. Explain the difference between federally threatened species and federally endangered species. Provide at least two examples of species in each category. Include citations and websites from which you developed your response. (25 points)

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Question 3. A wind farm has just been proposed near your home. Research the impacts on wildlife related to wind turbines and explain them. Discuss whether the pros outweigh the cons, or vice versa. Support your answer with websites and literature you found on this topic. (25 points)


Question 4. Explain in detail at least 2 emerging issues that Sutherland et al. (2017) identified as having the potential to substantially affect global biological diversity. (25 points)


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