Homework In Behavior Organizational

assignment #3

1.What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Provide an example.


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2.Did the managers of Enron violate their fiduciary duty to stockholders/shareholders? If so, how?


3. How did the Capuchin Fairness Experiment clearly demonstrate Equity Theory?



4.Using the reading identify a cognitive bias that you have? Explain.


5.Using the readings, identify what mechanism/s caused Rwandan citizens to kill each other?


6 What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Identify all 5.


  1. Which of these 5 affect you most at this point in your life?


  1. What was Petey Greene’s (Don Cheadle) motivation in Talk to Me using Maslow? Identify & explain.


9.Identify the organizational changes that were taking place at the radio station in Talk to Me. How did the changing social environment affect these organizational changes?


10.Did Enron managers uphold their duty to stakeholders? Be specific.



  1. Using the personality tests on the syllabus, pick one & explain how it identifies aspects of your personality.



  1. What is planned obsolescence?


  1. How does planned obsolescence affect consumers?


  1. How does planned obsolescence affect the environment? Be specific.


  1. What product can miraculously last forever? (They held a birthday party for it in the video.)


  1. What are the implications of planned obsolescence for organizations? That is, is there a way they can be socially responsible & change their product life cycle planning?


  1. What often goes wrong with printers after 2 years? Why does this happen?


  1. What is the psychology behind planned obsolescence? That is, why do consumers fall for it?

19.How has planned obsolescence affected you personally as a consumer?



20. What is equity theory? How does it affect organizations & their employees?



Bonus Question

Identify a tweet that deals with organizational behavior issues. Explain these issues.





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