How can businesses identify on-site work needs? Do they need to stagger return to work of their employees?

HRM200 Human Resource Research Paper
Objective of this project is to get students to research, understand, analyze, think and
write a research report.
Individual Work
Minimum of 1100 words use your own words, no copy and paste,
Plagiarism will not be accepted
APA style citation and references at the end is a MUST.
Use a template, create paragraphs to talk about new ideas, if your paper is not easy to
read/understand points will be deducted.
Spelling and grammar are important,
This is for College level papers and NOT high school.
You may add graphs, pictures to be creative.
Search for a company either in the USA or Canada, Research all the information you can from the company website, industry reports, research papers, news etc. to understand and study their human resources model during this pandemic and how this company cope up on the current situation.
Below are your guide questions for the research:
● How can businesses identify on-site work needs? Do they need to stagger return
to work of their employees?
● How can businesses ensure continued workforce success including training for
new skills and requirements?
● How might businesses manage visitors to their facilities/offices/sites?
● How can businesses promote continued employee engagement?
● How can businesses re-design physical workplaces? What best practices can we
● What kinds of PPE are required? How can businesses procure and manage
● How can businesses ensure appropriate cleaning and disinfecting requirements
are met?
● Are employees returning to the way they worked before, or adopting new ways of
● Is there an increased need for digitization/touchless technologies/ other?
● What kind of collaborating technologies and tools can businesses use?
For your conclusion and recommendation:
If this is your company, to survive the pandemic and beyond, What would you do?

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