How Postpartum Depression Effects The Development Of Children?

The presentation provides an opportunity for you to articulate your Interdisciplinary research findings through multimedia technology rather than a research paper. For the assignment, you should create a  presentation using a software program (Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc).
Students should adhere to the following formatting requirements:

  • Arrange presentation clearly using slide headings and condense  information into keywords and phrases rather than complete sentences and  paragraphs
  • Use a sans-serif font (such as Arial, Verdana, or Calibri) with 26-point or larger font sizes
  • Use dark text on a light background
  • Include at least three visual or audio aides
  • Exhibit mastery of grammar and syntax


Assignment Instructions

The presentation should cover the following content, including appropriate in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.  You may use multiple slides as needed for each of the sections  below:

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1. Title Slide

Include your name, assignment title, and date

2. Academic Background

What are the primary academic disciplines (subject areas) you have studied in your undergraduate career?

3. Research Problem

What is your interdisciplinary research problem and why did you choose it?

4. Relevant Disciplines

What disciplines did you identify as relevant to this research problem?

5. Disciplinary Insights

What key disciplinary insights did you discover from each relevant discipline?

6. Disciplinary Conflict

What conflicts or contradictions did you uncover between the insights of the relevant disciplines?

7. Disciplinary Agreement

In what ways did the insights from the relevant disciplines agree?

8. New Understanding of the Problem

After completing the Interdisciplinary Research Process, how has your understanding of the problem changed?

9. Reference Slide

Include all references cited in the presentation.

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