impact of “big data” on the environment

Read the Case Study information and Watch the 3 videos below. As you watch the videos, consider the impact of “big data” on the environment and the responsibility of large online businesses to be socially responsible in terms of controlling both pollution and global warming. Complete the following:

A. Craft an argument identifying the 2 best techniques employed (by any of the 3 companies) to enhance environmental responsibility. The 2 best techniques do not have to be from the same company.

B. Additionally, identify the technique from the case study narrative or videos that you believe to be the LEAST effective in having a positive impact on the environment and explain why.

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C. Identify the company (of the 3 in this case study) that you believe to be most environmentally responsible and briefly explain why.

***Be sure to support your positions (in parts A & B) with at least 2 external sources – these sources can be used to support either your “best techniques” argument or your “least effective” argument, but the textbook is not considered an external source. Argument should be in a single MS Word document with all sources properly cited and provide a bibliography.

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