Industrial Revolution Invention Brochure

Week 9 Assignment: Industrial Revolution Invention Brochure

Congratulations! You have just been hired by an inventor to help him bring his new invention/innovation to market. Your job has two parts. First, you need to become an expert on the invention/innovation; find out how it works, what it is for, and how it is made. Second, you need to figure out how to help your client turn his idea into a profit-­making business. For that, you must identify potential buyers and would­-be investors. A list of inventions/innovations is on the next page.


1.     Weighing scale
2.     Boring machine
3.     Screw-cutting lathe
4.     Mechanical Air Compressor
1.     Steamboat
2.     Hot Air Balloon
3.     Threshing Machine
4.     Power Loom
1.     Sewing Machine
2.     Cotton Gin
3.     Hydraulic Press
4.     Lithography Printing
5.     Plywood
6.     Smallpox Vaccine
7.     Air Compressor
1.     Voltaic Pile (early form of battery)
2.     Morphine
3.     Steam Locomotive
4.     Anesthetic
5.     Combustion Engine
6.     Workable Steamboat
1.     Canning process
2.     Powered Printing Press
3.     Safety Lamp
4.     Planing Machine
5.     Electric Telegraph
6.     Stirling Engine
7.     Dandy Horse
8.     Tunnelling Shield
1.     Pattern-tracing Lathe
2.     Heliography
3.     Mechanical Computer
4.     Lighter
5.     Bolt-Action Rifle
6.     Electromagnet
7.     Reaping Machine
8.     Air Compressor
1.     Lawn Mower
2.     Electric Motor
3.     Morse Code
4.     Electrotyping
5.     Steam Shovel
6.     Steam Hammer
1.     Printing Telegraph
2.     First Fuel Cell
3.     Man-made Fertilizer
4.     Cement
5.     Tunnel Boring Machine
6.     Pneumatic Drill
7.     Repeating Rifle
8.     Francis Turbine


Assignment Instructions:

Create a brochure that advertises an invention or innovation that appeared during the Industrial Revolution (1770-1840). Submit the brochure by Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

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Guiding Questions:  (Be sure to cite your sources)

  • When was your product created?
  • Who developed the product? (There may have been several contributors over a number of years.)
  • Is your product a new invention, or is it a new­-and-­improved version of an existing invention?
  • Write a “before and after” statement that describes how the product affected peoples’ lives.
  • How is this product superior to similar or alternative products?
  • How does the product make people’s lives easier, better, or more enjoyable?
  • How is the product produced?
  • How much did the product cost when it was first introduced to the market?
  • Was the product affordable for ordinary people or for only wealthy people?
  • How common or widely ­used was the product at the height of its popularity?
  • What makes this product revolutionary? World-changing?

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