Intensive English Comp I (110)

Learning Outcomes:

  • To further develop voice by turning your analytical eye outward. In the previous essay you investigated what makes significance in your life, and now your task is to see how a person impacts and creates significance in their community.
  • Develop quoting and research skills through interview and observation.


  • Write a profile on a person of interest from your life.
  • Organize your essay either thematically, or chronologically to emphasize a clear perspective on your chosen subject.
  • Ensure you demonstrate a clear understanding of your subject by
    • detailing major qualities of their identity
    • highlighting the significance to their surrounding community which is important to the composition of their identity.
  • Integrate the quotes obtained from your interview with lucid and thoughtful observations on your chosen person.
  • All of these steps should lead you to specific conclusions, or speculative conclusions about your subject.
  • Additionally these conclusions should illuminate a clear purpose for your profile.
  • Your paper should answer the questions:
    • why did you as a writer choose this topic?
    • what about this topic should I as a reader care about?


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  • Minimum of three direct quotes from the writer’s subject.
  • Follow MLA guidelines for quoting – refer to my handout and our writer’s handbook
  • MLA guidelines for formatting of paper: dbl spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, a creative title, last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page.
  • At least five paragraphs that come to around 600-800 words.
  • Clear perspective and assertion of writer’s role. You’re the spokesperson for your subject.
  • An awareness of audience that has influenced intentional choices of style; both of which have demonstrated a clear purpose in writing the profile.
  • Works Cited for your interview.


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