Marketing strategy of FITBIT company

The project must include the following:
1) Company/ brand introduction
2) External Environment Analysis: PESTEL, Competitor Analysis (all 4 types- brand, product, generic, budget), Customer Profile
3) Internal Environment Analysis: Company resources, market position 4) SWOT, complete information must be provided with explanations
. 5) Targeting and Positioning Strategies (2 each)
6) Product Mix (including lines)
7) The pricing strategies used by the company
8) Promotion Mix
9) Distribution channel commonly used
10) Suggested strategies with justification (5) Provide evidence for every information used in the report through images, weblinks, etc. The report must be 15 pages min. double space. The information must be up to date, 2017 -2021. Table of contents, references and academic report writing and design.

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