MHA 530

1. What resources are not a available equally to all economic classes in your community.

2. do most insured people you know read and understand EOBs (explanation of benefits) from the insurance company? What do most patients understand about cost of service.

3. How do perceptions differ in your community about quality of care at a private clinic with specialized services in a affluent neighborhood versus the public safety-net hospital? What seems to drive those perceptions.

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4. Do people from poverty in your community have a voice in decision making when new systems of care are designed for their intended benefit? Does that make sense? Why or why not? If you were designing a healthcare clinic for women, to what extent would you want to hear from women about the design, services, etc.?

5. What did I think about when I went through the healthcare checklists? What kinds of emotions or judgement did any of the statements bring up foe me?

6. How might having s knowledge of the hidden rules when communicating with a provider, family, member, caregiver, or patient/client help improve a treatment plan?

7. If all providers had a better understanding of each patient’s resources as presented in this chapter, how might the healthcare delivery outcome be improved? Or not?


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