Module 2 Current Events Discussion

Voter turnout and political participation are at the heart of democracy in the United States. The Current News Event discussion will allow you to locate current news events that are directly related to the concepts in Module 2 and share them with the class.

Outcome 5


  • Choose a term or concept from the chapter readings for Module 2. Put the term/concept in the subject heading of your discussion. In the body of your discussion posting, provide the following information:
    • List and briefly define the term in your own words and explain why you think this term is important (100-150 words). Include the page number in the eBook where the term is found.
    • Provide a working URL link, on a credible news or information site, to one current news event (within the last 6 months). Events should relate to the term and to the United States Government.
    • Provide a paragraph explanation (150-200 words) of the relevancy of the selected news link to the concept/term.
    • You should respond substantively (at least 150 words each) to at least two other peers’ current news event postings throughout the discussion period. Try to further the conversation by asking a question or offering a link to another article that illustrates the term.
  • NOTE: Once a student has posted a term and article link, that term and article cannot be used again.

See example of Current Events Discussion here.

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