Nutritional Analysis

To reflect on your current diet patterns and analyze whether or not you are getting the proper nutrient intake.

General Instructions: 

You will track your nutrition for 3 days. Please note that you cannot write you ate the exact same thing for 3 days (and only track & do the research for one day). You need to track every food you eat for those three days, including alcohol. There are columns to track; Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Fibre, Fat, Saturated Fat, Protein, and Calcium.

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Detailed Instructions:

There are two files attached for this assignment. For Mac users, there is a numbers file for you to track your nutritional intake. For Microsoft or excel users, there is an excel file. You will see there are three tabs; Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

There are a few ways to figure out your nutritional breakdown from the food you eat. You can use the nutritional label from your food, you can use a free nutritional tracking website, or you can just google the food. An example of googling food would be, nutritional information of an apple. Everything will come up. Find and use what is best for you.

After you finish your three days of nutritional tracking, answer these questions on a separate document:

1. Based on your daily caloric needs ( are you eating enough calories to maintain your current weight? Explain what aspects of your diet needs to improve in order to reach a balanced amount of calories.

2. What is your macronutrient breakdown and do you feel this is adequate for you as an individual?

3. What is the total amount of fibre you need based on your age and gender? Are you getting enough fibre? What is the reason for not getting enough or getting enough fibre?

4. How much sugar are you eating per day? What is the difference between your refined sugar intake versus natural occurring sugar intake?

5. For your activity level, are you eating the correct amount of protein? Please show based on weight and activity level what your protein needs would be for a day.

6. How much saturated fat are you eating per day? What sources are your saturated fats coming from?

7. How much calcium do you need per day? Are you reaching the recommended calcium intake for the day? Explain why or why not?

What to submit :

One PDF file (including tracker and questions merged together).

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