Organisational structure culture politics of NHS England

You need to create a report that analyses NHS. The report will have two sections:
Section A: Organisational Structure, Culture, and Politics of NHS England
A1. Assess the organisational structure and map out the organisational chart.
A2. Analyse the role of organisational culture and how it influences employee behaviour in organisations.
A3. Explain the impact of local government and central government policies to your selected organisation.
A4. Assess of monitoring and accountability in your selected organisation, by considering the relevance of chain of command, span of control, lines of authority and centralisation/decentralisation to ensure effective management of public resources.
Section B: Managing the Public Sector(reference to NHS)
B1. Analyse management approaches and styles in NHS and illustrate with examples.
B2. Evaluate the concept of motivation and how it applies to NHS.
B3. Evaluate the importance of the concept of organisational behaviour to the performance of teams in NHS.

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