ORGCB/535: People And Organizations Competency 1 – Assessment Competency 1 – Assessment

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Competency 1: Competency Assessment – HR Design Decisions


For each of these 7 HR design decisions, check the box for the choice that most matches where you think Southwest Human Resources falls. While the organization likely does not fall cleanly into one or the other extreme, pick the one that it more clearly resembles. Then, in the right-hand column, evaluate how well that choice works.

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Items to consider, but not limited to, in your analysis include:

  • The impact on company performance of the approach
  • Effectiveness of the approach
  • The impact on employee morale and engagement of the approach
  • Alignment with the strategy of the approach

Design Decisions

Choices Analysis of how well each choice works
View of employees
Employees as expenses Employees as assets
Below market Competitive Above market
Training and Development
Spontaneous Planned
Job Descriptions
Specific General
External Mixed Internal
Onboarding – Socialization of new employees
Limited Extensive
Collective Individual




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