Patient Compliance And Patient Education

​In the health care platform, patient compliance implies positive conduct stemming from the patient, which yields motivation to follow the prescribed medication for positive results and self-benefit. Noncompliance has been documented among the emerging issues and challenges in the health care system, resulting in economic deprivation in the same field due to unavoidable hospitalization costs. Most importantly, a patient must portray submission and yield for effective compliance by adjusting personal behavior (Zechariah et al., 2019). Identification of non-compliance causes indicates a positive approach to solving the problem. In the compliance development plan, intervention combining behavioral, cognitive, and affective elements should be considered to help combat non-compliance in the health care system. Compliance ensuresimproved patient health outcomes while obstructs the achievement of medication objectives(Zechariah et al., 2019). Giving logical, concise and clear instructions in familiar language and eliciting collaboration at different levels dictate among the effective strategies which improve compliance.

​Collaboration among different health care implies a significant approach towards patientcompliance enhancement in the intervention platform. Collaboration can be achieved among various workers such as health professionals, for instance, psychiatrists and nurses. Besides, collaboration can be enhanced among other personnel, for example, family members and religious leaders (Osei-Frimpong, 2017). In the case study, a collaboration between the patient and health professionals can help achieve compliance. In this case, a collaboration between psychologists and health practitioners could assist in relating factors associated with a patient’s noncompliance to the medication.

Most importantly, collaborating with other persons could be essential in decoding the significant reason for the patient’s offence perception for the mispronunciation of her name. For instance, a collaboration between Alma’s relatives could equip the nurse with knowledge of his client’s background and the linked cultural surrounding, destabilizing therapeutic relationship development. Conclusively, an alliance among other health practitioners would be essential in highlighting the nurse’s beliefs and biases which could be denting the working relationships formation and effective communication.

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How would you use collaboration to assist in compliance with a patient as difficult as Alma?


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years

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