Physician assistant

Physician Assistant
When I was 12 years old, my uncle travelled from the NY City to live with us in
Montgomery, AL. He had just lost his family in a car accident, and later his job. Uncle Jim, who
receded to chain-smoking to deal with his loss was soon diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer.
His condition was equally weighty for my grandmother and myself. We had to deal with it.
Thanks to an Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Montgomery’s PA who dedicated
herself with us through my grandmother’s only child alive in his final months on earth.
I decided to pursue a career in healthcare out of inspiration. Managing Uncle Jim’s health
condition and smoking habit was not easy for my grandmother. Already, she was taking care of
me and working two jobs a day to feed both of us. Her son’s arrival wore her out not only
emotionally and physically but also financially. Mrs. Hanes, the Physician Therapist Assistant
provided care and therapy to my ailing uncle. Most imperatively, she educated him on smoking
cessation, thereby assisting him to overcome his smoking problem. I really admired her
miraculous work, and wanted to become like her. Diligently and passionately, she further
ensured my family was assisted during that somber moment in our life. Were it not for her, I
would have failed in my high school education and not joined college. Hence, my decision to
pursue a career in healthcare was inspired by my appreciation of Mrs. Hanes outstanding work.
I have quite a good experiences and skills that would benefit my patients and the
respiratory therapy profession. In 2015, I led a team of five nurses and interns to facilitate
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smoking cessation and asthma health talks in the hospital. Besides my leadership skills, I am a
team player equally autonomous, ensuring that my team achieved its corporate goals. We would
not be successful without fostering good communication by engaging my team in active listening
and contribution such as during conflict resolution. Moreover, my grandmother raised me as a
caring, loving, and compassionate child. I am confident that my skills and experiences can
contribute significantly to the healthcare industry.
In addition, I have worked alongside assistant PAs, and objectivized their profession.
Aforementioned, I highly admired, and more so, respected Mrs. Hanes for her work. Her
compassion could only be matched to my grandmother, who instilled in me lovingkindness. As a
respiratory therapist, I worked alongside PAs, taking time with COPD patients and their families.
Through consultation with other health care service providers, we developed appropriate
treatment plans for patients with respiratory health issues. As a PA, I would be able to perform
both doctor’s and nurse’s duties under a supervising doctor.
I know I have a long way to go. When Uncle Jim came home, I lost focus, and my grade
deteriorated. I was afraid I would not join college. My grandmother, though old, was the stronger
one. She encouraged me to study and remain diligent through Mrs. Hanes’ assistance. I realized
that talk and activity was therapeutic. I shared my fears with her, upon which she gave me a
positive outlook of life. Additionally, I attended her health talk sessions and assisted her in
caring for my ailing uncle. During PA school, I will not only have a personal therapist to share
my life – personal and professional – issues, but also remain active in respiratory healthcare
In sum, I am confident that I have a good chance to become an outstanding PA in
respiratory therapy. Both my personal and work experience and skills position me among the top
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candidates for this position. However, I will require leadership and mentorship to become the
best in my profession.

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