Podcast Response

The NPR podcast Hidden Brain (in the link below) explores various psychology topics.
You can listen to this podcast in the link below or in Apple podcast, Spotify, etc. Note that the link below also includes full written transcripts of each episode:
Your assignment here is to browse some of the episodes in this podcast and pick ONE episode that relates to some field/theme of psychology and is interesting to you (note that when you scroll to the bottom of the episode list and click “Load more stories”, there are many more episodes to choose from).
Listen to your chosen episode in full and write a post in the discussion below in which you include the following (in at least 15 sentences total):
1. Identify the episode you picked and summarize the specific psychology information from the episode that you find interesting.  Optionally, you can also explain why you picked this episode/why you find this particular episode interesting.
2.  Share your opinions and possible critique about the episode (e.g. was the information presented in an engaging way, or was it boring, annoying, etc; was something missing? Or too much information?).  If you relate to something in the episode and want to share about your own life experiences or observations, feel free to include it in your post (but sharing personal experiences is not required).
3. OPTIONAL: if you are familiar with another podcast that relates to psychology topics and you would like to recommend it, feel free to include a recommendation in your post.
4. Comment on 2 other students’ posts. Your comments should address the content of the students’ posts, showing that you read them. There is no specific length requirement for the student responses, but they have to refer to specific content in the student’s post and can’t be just something general (such as “Interesting!” or “A good job!”).


10 POINTS:  accurately identifying and summarizing relevant psychology information from a podcast episode (clearly showing that the student listened to the episode); evaluating the podcast episode
Needs improvement – 1-3 pts
Satisfactory – 4-7 pts 
Excellent – 8-10 pts

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