Post system or Plurality system

assignment 1: This will be very simple. I want you to choose an interest group for your paper. I want you to write a one page double spaced paper that is MLA formatted simply describing the basics. Which interest group did you choose, why did you choose it. Some basic background information like what types of policies do they represent, whether or not they tend to endorse candidates.
assignment 2:
Short Answers
1.) What is a First Past the Post system or Plurality system? Why do these systems tend to result in two party systems? How does an alternative system might lead to a multiparty system?
2.)What are factors that contribute to voting and how do they contribute. To get full credit please be specific.
3.)What does it mean for a political party to engage in microtargeting. Why do parties perform this practice?
4.)Why do incumbents win reelection easier than challengers? What are the challenges that challengers to seats tend to face? What factors may lead to an incumbent losing reelection and why?
5.)List three differences between a political party and an interest group.
6.)Define the term pluralism. Is the United States a Pluralistic society, and why? What role do interest groups play in ensuring that the US remains pluralistic.
7.)What is the difference between a PAC and a lobbyist. What is the definition of these two terms.
8.)What types of groups are not well represented by interest groups? Why are they less represented? How might that this affect policy?
9.)What is the free rider problem? What is the affect that the free rider problem have on public interest groups? How do those groups try to over come the free rider problem?
10.)What are three ways that interest groups use to try to mobilize voters to influence members of congress? Why do they use these methods, what affect are they trying to have on law makers?

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