Assignment DescriptionSome parents at your school are constantly complaining that the children play too much and they weren’t sent to school to play. A mother of a child in the
Nursery Department recently stormed into the principal’s office and blurted, “Look how dirty my child is. Is this all they do here, play?” I need to send her to
a school where learning takes place!”
Having been recently appointed as the coordinator for the Nursery & Kindergarten department, and based on your knowledge of child growth and
development, your principal has asked you to address the parents on “The Value of Play in Child Development” at the upcoming Parent Teachers’
Association meeting
Include the following in your presentation
What is play and make reference to Article 31of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (7 marks)
b) What is the positive effect of play on the physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of the child? (12 marks)
Suggest a play activity to support each of the developmental domain (cognitive, physical and socio-emotional) needs of the child (6 marks).

Assignment InstructionsThis assignment is a video presentation
You will prepare a PowerPoint of 10-12 slides (excluding title page and references) for your 6-8-minute presentation.
Use sub-headings on each slide. Do not place too much information on the slides. Present the main ideas/points only, then elaborate on these in your
The first slide of your PowerPoint must be your title page (topic, your name, e-tutor’s name, due date, the link (URL) for your video)
• Ensure that your presentation is supported by literature/research. Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources.
Refer to the rubric when completing this assignment.
• You should refer to the APA (7th Edition) Referencing Style in completing this assignment. All sources cited must be included on the reference list.
and vice versa.
After you have completed your PowerPoint, practice your presentation with an “audience” (real or make-believe), and then when you are completely
satisfied have someone videotape you making the presentation. This is NOT a voice-over; you must be seen in the video.
Upload the PowerPoint to the Assignment Dropbox. Ensure the link (URL) for your video is on the cover slide. Your e-tutor will view your video and grade
your presentation.

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