Reading Response For Beowulf

  • The historical context for Beowulf
  • Selections of Beowulf
  • The analysis section

To complete this reading response, please respond to one of the topics below. Your answers should include evidence from the text to support your claims (either in the form of paraphrase or quotation) and analysis to back up the claims you are making. You should demonstrate that you have read and considered the literature. Your response should be between 300 and 400 words. Directly under the words “Assignment Submission,” you have the option to type your response into the textbox by clicking “Write Submission” (if you use the textbox, please do not forget to use the spell check function) or to attach Microsoft Word documents (Microsoft Word is available to students for free. For information, see the “Getting Started” page). You may type additional notes to me in the comment box, but I will not grade submissions submitted through the comment box (located toward the bottom of the page, under the words “Add Comments”). Be sure to hit submit. Questions:1. Anglo-Saxon connections

  • Compare “The Wanderer” and Beowulf. In what ways do the texts reflect similar themes? In what ways do they handle these themes differently?

2. The Warrior and the King

  • Compare the characters of Beowulf and Hrothgar. What makes a good king? What makes a good warrior? Why?

3. Storytelling

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  • Choose one of the stories told in the mead hall. What does the story add to the text? Why do you think the author chose to include that particular story for the occasion? What aspects of the story correspond to the plot of Beowulf? What larger significance might the story serve to show?

4. Story writing

  • Write a brief story about a great hero. The story should be in poetic form and should use at least 5 kennings and 5 lines of alliteration (please mark the lines using these literary devices so they’re easy to find).

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