Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis
For this assignment, you will locate an artifact (commercial, print ad, website, or non-traditional ad) for a product, brand, or organization. (For example, if you choose to look at Dunkin’ Donuts, you can look at a print ad, a commercial, or their Instagram page.) You will analyze the artifact, identifying and evaluating rhetorical appeals and fallacies.
Note: To ensure you do not plagiarize from an existing essay online, I highly recommend that you choose an artifact published within the last year. Do not choose an artifact by searching for advertising and rhetoric.
Learning Objectives

  • Analyze rhetorical concepts, including rhetorical situation, appeals and strategies, and argument fallacies
  • Perform primary research

Rhetorical Analysis Organization

  1. Introduction:
    • Provides a hook to engage the reader’s interest and exigence.
    • Leads from the hook to the thesis statement.
    • End with a Thesis Statement: makes an evaluative claim about the ad’s effectiveness, based on appeals used for the ad’s rhetorical situation.


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  1. Body Paragraphs (3-4):
    • Each paragraph discusses one main point, directly in support of your thesis
    • Follow the TEA method (Topic Sentence, Evidence, Analysis)
    • See the TEA PowerPoint presentation for more information on building effective argument paragraphs


  1. Conclusion:
    • Reiterates the main points of the essay
    • Provides a final thought for the reader (relates back to exigence)

Formal Requirements

  • 2.5 – 3 pages in length
  • Works Cited page with 2 sources minimum:
    • Primary artifact (the ad, commercial, etc)
    • Secondary source about rhetorical appeals (such as your textbook or an online resource)
  • In-text citations for secondary source (use a handbook or the Purdue Owl)


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