Sexuality And Gender Development

You have spent time throughout this course reflecting on your own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs regarding sexuality and gender development. Now it is time to articulate those thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.
For this assignment you will choose a minimum of four topics from the list below and discuss your values, attitudes, and beliefs regarding each. Describe the positive and negative experiences of each that have influenced you. How do you feel this will impact you as a counselor? Be sure to reflect on each topic you chose.
Include a section for each topic that includes scholarly literature on the subject. You decide the direction for the scholarly literature.You should use the topics as subheadings for your paper. Your paper should be in APA 7 th edition format and include a title page and references. ­
You should use the topics as subheadings for your paper. Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and reference page. ­
Premarital sex ­
Same-sex relationships ­
Gay adoptions ­
Contraception/Protection ­
Abortion ­
Masturbation ­
Extra-relational sex (i.e., cheating or affairs) ­
Pornography ­
Prostitution ­
Abstinence education in schools ­
Treatment vs. Punishment of sex offenders ­
Gender stereotypes ­
Fetishes ­
Another gender or sex related topic that is important to you
A number of factors may have influenced the development of your thinking about these topics. Examples include the following: ­
Religion ­
Educational experiences ­
Peers or friends ­
The media ­
Parents/family ­
Cultural or ethnic background ­
Social experiences ­
Other experiences that have been important to you
Be sure to include information about yourself such as your age, number of children in your family, birth order, parents’ marital status, etc. This SHOULD NOT be a chronology of your life- you should describe your attitudes, beliefs and values and how they came to be that way as well as any impact it might have on you as a counselor. Your paper should be 8 pages not including title page and reference.

Introduction and conclusion must be present and about a minimum of two references for each subheading


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