Social Psychology

Watch movie 12 Angry Men ( and answer the following questions about the movie.
1)  Define what Process Loss is. (4)
2)  Discuss at least three elements of process loss in 12 Angry Men. (6)
3)  Define Groupthink and Group polarization. Discuss if and how you see these two 
concepts at play in the movie. Describe in detail. (10)
4)  Discuss at least three ways in which process loss was redeemed in the movie (in 
other words, at least three things that happened which prevented the group from making horrible decisions). (10)
General Guidelines
1)  Please follow the directions outlined above.
2)  Your writing must be succinct, well-written, reflective, and thoughtful.
3)  This assignment should be roughly 2-3 pages, double-spaced with a 12-size font.
4)  Due: See Blackboard

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