Socw 6301 Assignment

Even though social workers might think of a compelling research question and have a desire to conduct research, this does not mean that the research is automatically supported by stakeholders or funded by an organization.

To gain such approval, they must submit a research proposal. Much like an outline of a paper or a blueprint of a building design, the research proposal contains the framework so that stakeholders can see the key elements and the vision for the study.

For this Assignment, you write the first part of your research proposal, including the introduction, problem statement, research question, literature review, and methodological approach. You will work on the second part of the proposal next week.

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To Prepare:

  • Review and gather content from previous Assignments and Discussions that includes elements of your research proposal. You should have significant material for your problem statement, research question, literature review, and methodological approach.
  • Revise these previous course submissions based on any feedback you have received.
  • Download the Research Proposal Template and review the guidance found within the document. Use this template for the Assignment.
  • You may wish to consult the Writing Toolbox in the left navigation of your classroom for additional resources relevant to writing your research proposal.
  • Write an introduction and refine and connect the various sections so that they work together as a cohesive research proposal.

By Day 7

Compile and submit the first part of your research proposal including the following sections in 3 to 4 pages:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Problem Statement (1 paragraph)
  • Research Question (1 paragraph)
  • Literature Review (revision of previously submitted; 2 pages)
  • Methodological Approach  (2–3 paragraphs)

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