The book Mad in America.

The book Mad in America.

The class is intro to pharmacology

typed, double-spaced, follow basic composition rules, and where appropriate, follow proper APA citation rules.

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Read and critically examine the text (note: “critical” does not automatically mean take a position of opposition, rather it means to carefully reflect on that which is posited, consider points made, either agree or disagree with those points, and support your case). Consult the Critical Review Grading Rubric located in the Contents section of the class page on Pilot for elements required in the paper (look at the sections required to get an A and strive to accomplish those elements!).

Please note that an originality checker will be employed on this assignment – write an original paper, cite where appropriate, etc.

To clarify – you need not concern yourself with submitting a synopsis of this book, as I’ve already read it and know what it is about, but rather, you want to take a critical stance on aspects of the book. What do you agree/disagree with, and why? Support your arguments with information from previous classes, personal experience, and other research you’ve done, etc.

If you have not yet experienced writing a book review, or would like additional tips on completing one, I found this informative link from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:  Perhaps you may find it helpful!!


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