Ungrading Question


Draft an essay about your  work to date by looking at those “Ungrading Questions” I posted in the Announcements section of the Canvas classroom. You will NOT answer all of those questions. Rather, those questions are there to get you thinking about your time in the class to date. If you’d like, feel free to answer one or as many as you’d like. But you may also write your own self-reflection.

I can’t say how long the second essay will be because I do not know how much you’ve learned. Some of you have learned more than others.

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Then, end this essay with your grade to date. Of course the essay is the evidence as to the grade you have arrived at. Then I will tweak that grade based on my observations to date.

Ungrading questions

Ungrading Questions
A. First Self-Evaluation
1. What aspects of the course have been most successful for you so far?
2. What thing that you’ve learned are you most excited about?
3. What challenges have you encountered?
4. What are your goals for the next assignment?
5. What have you learned about yourself from your role(s) in the group?
6. What remains challenging that you want to keep working on?
7. What can you now do that you couldn’t do before?
B. End of the semester:
Write me a short letter that reflects on your work in this class. Consider the work you did on the
final project versus your work earlier in the term. What do you need to work on? Did you miss any
significant work? Is there anything you are particularly proud of? What letter grade would you give


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