Use of Force Reform Memo

Assignment 5.1: Use of Force Reform Memo
I need a memo about the police department which is Houston Police Department. In order to complete the assigment you can obtain information about Houston Police though their use of force policies HPD.
I need minimum of 2 of the attachments to be used as resources the additional resources you can find on your own. I attached Memo examples use the rubic to meet the grading criteria.
After reading Use of Force – Carotid Restraint Review, review your own agency’s use of force policies (if you prefer to use a publicly available use of force policy from another agency, that works fine as well). Then, choose a single use of force element, tool, or technique that you would suggest be added OR removed from your agency’s use of force policy.
Craft an evidence-driven memo to your Chief Executive modeled after Use of Force – Carotid Restraint Review. While formats will vary, make sure to include key definitions, evidence about the frequency and efficacy of use, reference key relevant reports and standards, engage best practices from other agencies, and include a discussion of the current political and community positions on this issue.
Your memo should be a maximum of four (4) double-spaced pages with standard fonts and margins. Papers that exceed this length will be penalized.
To understand how your work will be assessed, view the scoring rubric.

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