When evaluating research in public safety, you should ask yourself, “How useful is this information?” The challenge is for you to evaluate the methodology of the research to determine whether the results are indeed credible and whether they can be practically applied. Fortunately, most primary research journals (a journal where research is first disclosed) have a strict peer-review process where multiple specialists in the field of study related to the article critically review the article and recommend whether the article should be accepted or rejected for publication.
For this discussion, select two public safety organizations.  Review each of the selected organizations’ websites and determine if there is any “research” information presented and/or “research” projects being conducted.  Many times there is information in a “five year” or “ten year” plan that has been published.  In your own words evaluate the two organizations’ approach to the research process and compare or contrast how the organizations follow the basic research principles that we have covered in the first two sessions.

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