Virus Report Ebola Virus

Virus Report  Ebola Virus
In lieu of an exam, you will do some independent research to complete this report using valid references (not Wikipedia) and need to address the following items below. You will submit through Canvas (Turnitin will be activated).
1) Please begin your report with the scientific name (Family and genus, species if known)
2) State all the relevant structural information pertaining to it ie. Nucleic acid, capsid and protein receptors, envelope, etc. More detail is better.
3) Host specificity, can be specific animal, plant or cell type.
4) Replication cycle, some detail is needed here:
a.Mode of entry
b. steps in replication (uncoating, enzymes involved)
c. (+) sense to (-) sense or whichever the case
d. Assembly
e. mode of exit from the host
5) Diseases it may cause or relevance (scientifically or economically).
6) Treatment or Vaccine and prevention measures.

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