Wild West Readings

Wild West Readings

Paul Christensen, “The ‘Wild West’: The Life and Death of a Myth”

Kevin Britz, “Boot Hill Burlesque”: The Frontier Cemetery as Tourist Attraction in Tombstone, Arizona and Dodge City, Kansas.”

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  1. According to Britz, how did the memorializing Dodge City and Tombstone differ? (In other words, how did they differ in recreating their past?) What was the overall goal of these two towns in highlighting their history?
  2. Why did Boot Hill hold such significance to these two towns? What were some of the problems with memorializing Boot Hill?
  3. How does the “Frontier Myth” relate to the Wild West – according to Christensen?
  4. What function do myths provide to a nation and its citizenry? Why are they necessary in other words? How does all this fit into the West being settled?


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